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Today has been one heck of a long day but finallllllly I am back in London :D

Heading to London tomorrow! :D

Went to the infamous Broad Street in Birmingham last night and got back to campus at 7am. Having only had 30mins sleep I’m worried as to how I’m still up and running…

Myself mid singing ^.^

Hey everyone, I’m happy to be back & excited to share tonight’s salad with you all! 🌿 This is by far my favourite early spring salad. It’s partially #gardentotable & so full of flavour. Just 1 head green leaf lettuce, a few large handfuls of baby kale, cilantro & spinach, 1 lb cherry tomatoes, 1 medium zucchini, a few mushrooms, a few scallions, 1 small beet, 3 super ripe ataulfo mangos, lots of edible flowers (calendula petals, kale flowers & buds, daikon radish flowers & buds, & violas), & a fresh squeeze of lime!

Morning tea!